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Orthodox Links


Here are some links to different Orthodox Christian web sites, all arranged by category. This is in no way a comprehensive list of all the available internet resources. However, if you want to know where you can find Orthodox books, icons, devotional materials, or even directions to an Orthodox Church the next time you are on vacation, this page is a good place to start.


American Archdiocese Web Sites:†† The list below is by no means complete. The three listed here are by far the most complete and comprehensive of all the available web sites and contain lots of valuable information:

        Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America

        Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North America

        Orthodox Church in America†††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††


Archangels Bookstore: ††A local Orthodox Christian bookstore is located at 3461 Hampton Avenue, St Louis, MO 63139, just over a mile south of I-44. They carry icons, music, jewelry, a wide selection of books from various Orthodox publishers,and a whole lot more. Click here to visit the bookstore online.


Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America:The Assembly of Bishops is a council of all the active, canonical Orthodox bishops of North America.† Its purpose is to deepen the ties of brotherhood among the bishops, give them a common and united voice, and create a greater unity of action among all the Orthodox faithful of North America, thereby strengthening the Church's witness to her faith in Jesus Christ.


Church Locator:† †Traveling on business or vacation? Find a church with Orthodoxy in America


FOCUS:† †FOCUS (Fellowship of Orthodox Christians United to Serve) is the Churchís domestic outreach that serves to assist and transform the life of the poor and the homeless in America.† The local St. Louis chapter of FOCUS can be accessed here.


Fundamentalism:Two websites are dedicated to monitoring and reporting on dangerous fundamentalist activity in the Orthodox Church;


Greek Orthodox Christians for Truth and Reform

        We Are Orthodox


Icons:†† You can find just about any icon through these web sites. Most of the icons are written in the traditional Byzantine or Russian styles and already mounted. You can even commission the writing of an icon by doing an internet search for iconographers:


        Archangel Icons

        Heavenly Art

        Holy Transfiguration Monastery

        Icon Art Studios

        Mathew D. Garrett, Iconographer

        New Skete Monastery Icons

        Orthodox Images

        St. John of Damascus Icon Studio (Phil Zimmerman)

        Western Saints Icon Project


International Orthodox Christian Charities:†† IOCC is the pan-Orthodox international charitable organization here in America.


Internet Broadcasts:†† Music, church services, interviews, lectures, etc. are available on these websites:


        Ancient Faith Radio

        OCN (Orthodox Christian Network)

        Our Life in Christ


Orthodox Prayer:†† Orthodox Prayer is a comprehensive web site on Orthodox Prayer. It has material for the beginner as well as one who is exploring a deeply Orthodox prayer life.


Monastic Communities:†† There are several Orthodox monastic communities in America. †The list here will help you get started:


        Monastery of St. John of San Francisco

        Dormition Monastery, Rives Junction, MI

        Holy Myrrh bearers, Otego, NY

        New Skete, Cambridge, NY

        St. Gregory Palamas, Perrysville, OH

        Presentation of the Virgin Mary, Mansfield, MO


Orthodox Christian Association of Medicine, Psychology and Religion: OCAMPR exists to foster interdisciplinary dialogue and promote Christian fellowship among helping professionals in medicine, psychology and religion. Members pursue an understanding of the whole person which integrates the basic assumptions of medicine, psychology and religion with the Orthodox Christian faith in educating and serving Church and community.


Orthodox Christian Fellowship:†† OCF is the official campus ministry effort under SCOBA


Orthodox Christian Mission Center:†† OCMC is the official international mission agency of the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas (SCOBA), commissioned to proclaim the fullness of the Christian faith to all nations by establishing and nurturing vibrant, Eucharistic Orthodox Christian communities worldwide.†† is an Orthodox web site with many resources and reports on physical and spiritual abuse within the Eastern Orthodox Church.


Publications: ††If you are looking for books, periodicals, etc., you should be able to find it on one of these websites:


        Conciliar Press

        Holy Cross Orthodox Press

        Light and Life Publishing

        St. Tikhonís Seminary Press

        St. Vladimirís Seminary Press


SCOBA:†† SCOBA is the Standing Conference of the Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas.




        Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Seminary

        St. Hermanís Theological Seminary

        St. Tikhonís Orthodox Theological Seminary

        St. Vladimirís Orthodox Theological Seminary


Church Locator:†† Traveling on business or vacation? Find a church here:


        Orthodoxy in America


Vestments, cassocks, and baptismal garments for infants and adults:

        American Church Supply

        Dormition Monastery, Rives Junction, MI

        Krista West Vestments

        Tabitha of Joppa Vestments


Wedding Crowns:†† Handcrafted wedding crowns are available here.


YES (Youth Equipped to Serve): †††A ministry of FOCUS North America.† The purpose of the program is to encourage our youth to live out their faith through service to others. †YES provides opportunities for youth to get involved with outreach at different levels and help them grow into positions of student leadership.


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